Worthing Guitar

Professional guitar lessons (inc. music theory) in the Worthing - Lancing - Shoreham - Brighton area; dedicated to first class guitar tuition and coaching for all levels of player ages 13 to adult.

Music theory lessons covering all aspects necessary for ABRSM grade 5

Music Theory

Music theory lessons for those requiring ABRSM grade 5 available

Welcome To Worthing Guitar


Welcome to Worthing Guitar - professional guitar lessons and coaching (including music theory) in the Worthing - Lancing - Shoreham - Brighton area.

Worthing Guitar is run by professional guitarist and qualified teacher, Jonathan Kershaw, providing first class guitar lessons for all levels of player ages 13 to adult. Guitar lessons are provided in a friendly, relaxed and professional manner covering specialist playing in rock, pop and acoustic styles as well as offering the following services:


One on one tuition One on one tuition (group tuition available with demand);
Individually tailored lessons Learning programmes tailored to individual needs;
Group Sessions & Workshops Masterclasses and workshops covering various styles and technqiues;
Plectrum and fingerstyle studies Studies in plectrum and fingerstyle playing;
Music theory Music theory tuition (inc. grade 5 theory);
Advice on band management and performance Advice on band management, performance, equipment maintenance and set up;
Demo CD recording Progress and demo CD recording;
Advice for tutors Advice & teaching for tutors available.


Please browse the website and if you have any questions or require further information on courses, lessons or tuition please contact me through the contacts page on this site. I look forward to hearing from you!


Jon (tutor)




Worthing Guitar Tuition

Professional guitar tuition based in Lancing (nr. Worthing) working with students of ages 13+ and from beginners to more advanced players.

One On One Tuition

One on one tuition provided to help development of personal technique and style.

Complete Fingerstyle Technique

Studies and lessons covering all aspects of fingerstyle technique. Particularly developed for contemporary players looking to expand their playing technique and repertoire.

Contemporary style playing

Contemporary lessons can cover music and guitar styles from rock, pop, blues, folk or traditional pieces. Lessons are set to follow the areas that interest the student.

Rock Style

All elements of modern rock playing and technique can be studied; together with full definitions of modern equipment and guitar effects

Workshops and Group Sessions

Join in with various group sessions, workshops and masterclasses covering various topics from specialist guitar techniques to understanding of particular types of music as well as popular jam sessions.

Music Theory Lessons

Open to all musicians (not just guitarists), lessons covering all aspects of music theory with particular emphasis on those areas necessary for the completion of the ABRSM grade 5 exam.

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Guitar tuiton for all level of players

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